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People of the Neighborhood

The Near West Side Historic Neighborhood has many beautiful landmarks and homes.  But, a neighborhood is more than that.  Here are just a few of the many interesting people who live and work here.



Tom Miller checks out the new porch of his Frank Lloyd Wright Home. Constructed in 1906, the building was a club house for more than 20 years before Tom converted it back into a private residence.


  Doug Kinsey enjoys working in his yard when he isn't busy painting in his studio. He and his wife Marjorie have lived in the neighborhood since 1996.
  Virge Gilliam (aka Brother Sage) and Maxine Ellison are longtime friends who have lived in the Near West Side for decades. Here they relax at a neighborhood party.  



Rachel Tomas-Morgan and her husband Peter moved into their Chapin Street house in 2001. "We wanted to raise our family in a diverse neighborhood," Rachel says. 


Bethy Williams was only three years old when she moved to West Washington Street.  Today, she and her friends enjoy the many sights and sounds of downtown South Bend.